NC Specimen Tree Sales is a resource for Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers and the discerning homeowner. All plants listed on this site are currently available at our nursery, Architectural Trees in Bahama NC. The blog format makes updates easy and plants sold will be removed from the blog site within 24 hours. Information about the specimen will be provided to help with making decision including size, and date of photograph. We hope this site will become a resource that you will review frequently when looking for unique specimen material. In most cases, discounts are not available on the specimen material. If you are interested in purchasing any of the offerings call John Monroe at 919-620-0779 or send an email:


3 Responses to “About: NC Specimen Tree Sales”

  1. Welcome to blogging. Helen Yoest sent me by. You do have some nice varieties of maples.

    • archtrees1 said

      Thank you. If you haven’t yet been to the main website ( visit the maples inventory list. We have some nice 3 gal size pots of unusual varieties including : Red Falcon, Korean Gem among others. Priced around $90.

  2. Renee Fleming said

    Hi! I live in Charlotte NC. It is really difficult to find knowledgeable people who can give me info on what conifers do well in this area. One day I would love to visit your nursery. I have cleared a nice area of my yard of scrub trees and would like to add some evergreen specimens and I love the weeping form very much. The area is part shade to dappled. What do you think of Pardocarpus Maki?I would love a blue weeping conifer. Something yellow too. I will be adding choice maples as well.This is the Eastern direction of my yard.Neighboring properties are wooded. Which is providing the shade.Scouring the internet has been fruitless getting info. Nurseries have untrained people working. Plant tags are misleading. I grew a Blue Atlas Cedar in part shade that was very happy and the tag stated full sun. Would love to see a “real blog” for our area, that gardeners could swap ideas. I know your busy but I would really appreciate any tips!

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